OMEK Investment (Pvt) Ltd. is a private lending investment organization having a strong presence in providing loan facilities for vehicles and equipment. With an established presence since 2003 OMEK Investment (Pvt) Ltd. is distinguished for its lending portfolio consisting of personal loans, hire purchase and coupled with its competitive rates with superior customer service Branches: Kurunagala / Thambuttegama / Rambukkana/ anuradhapura.


To Be the Number One Lending Institution In Sri Lanka Spreading Its Wings Establishing Branch Network All Over The Island.


Identifying Exact Investment Opportunities And With Diligent And Flexible Services, Enhancing Employee Commitment And Exceeding The Expectations Of Customers And To Widen The Scope And Share Of The Market.

Company Profile

During the past as the Managing Director, I have changed the Omek Investment (Pvt) Ltd into a viable and profitable organization and continue to seek new opportunities for growth with a continued focus on motivating staff and applying exact management strategies.

Core Values

We are committed to openness and trust in all of our business dealings. We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from diversity of individuals and ideas. Our continued success requires us to provide quality services to our customers. Objectivity is to keep confidence on our employees and that we will stay focused on the needs of our customers every step of the way. Our service extends beyond financial solutions to other service areas. We are committed to provide best solutions tailor made to clients specific requirements. We will conduct business in the most professional and fair manner possible. We will always do what we say and let nothing compromise our honesty and professionalism in serving and representing our clients.

Motivating employees

People today need direction and structure, but they also want freedom and encouragement to develop their skills and knowledge. Effectively managing people requires balancing constraining forces, providing direction, structure, organization and fake watches some rules with liberating forces and encourage personal growth, development and creativity. Manage employees according to what he or she needs, what motivates them to do their best.

Brand Philosophy
We have created a brand name for Omek Investment (Pvt) Ltd by looking after each of our clients with an equal amount of care and responsibility providing them with quality services.

It is decisive for our success and our brand name has helped prospective clients to recognize us among our competitors. Branding is the source of the promise to our clients and in order to that promise to radiate from every aspect of our company create the structure needs to be succeeded. We have combined areas of competency particularly technological sophistication to implement band name in order to reach success in our business activities.

We are continuously seeking new opportunities for growth with a continued focus on entrepreneur management. Our company is maintaining high standard of professionalism in our dealings and accountability in all our business transaction

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